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Why Choose Michael's Phones?

Quick Service

Michael's phones is always available, and can usually repair your device on the spot while you have a browse in store.

Quality Assurance

Michael's Phones prides itself on quality, stocking well known brands and using the highest quality parts for its repairs.

Technical Support

Michael's phones is not just a repairs shop. We can help you recover lost data, and migrate your files to a new handset.

Authorised Seller

Michael's Phones is an authorised seller, buyer and trader of new handsets.

About Michael's Phones

Some of the things we're good at...

Our service specialists are trained in the latest technology. We can repair and resolve most of your issues whether they are software or hardware related. We can also recommend the best devices to suit your lifestyle. Come in to have a chat with any of our friendly staff.

Cracked Screen Repairs

At Michael’s phones your phone screen will be replaced ON THE SPOT WHILE YOU ARE SHOPPING AROUND. We are timely with all screen repairs and service all types of screens from phones to tablets.

Network Unlocking

Phones can be locked to networks because of previous contracts or other reasons. At Michael’s phones we can unlock all phones so that you have the freedom to use any network.


Thinking to buy / sell or trade your phone?

Visit Michael’s phones. We are able to advise you as well as help you to do these things.


Michael’s phones is a one stop shop. We understand all your needs so we have all kinds of all accessories. We carry accessories for all phone varieties such as chargers, covers, usb cables, head phones, screen protectors and more.

Liquid Damage Repair

Did you drop your phone into water? Do you have important date or photos that you would like to retrieve?! We are able to help retrieve data and photos from most cases of liquid damage so that you don’t lose your important data and memories.

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Michael's Phones Current Locations

You can visit Michael’s Phones at any of these locations to recieve the best service in your area. We are ever expanding, so keep an eye out for a location popping up near you!

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What Our Clients Say

Michael's Phones helps relieve the stress associated with broken devices, or migrating to a new device. Here's what a few of our customers feel

Michael's phones were so fast in fixing my broken iPhone screen! After my screen was smashed, I didn't know if my phone was still working. Michael's phones had a look and assured me this was fixable. Got a brand new phone again!

Fred R

I was devastated when I dropped my phone in a pool of water, I thought I lost everything, all my captured memories were gone. I took it into Michaels phones and they were able to retrieve all my data from my damaged phone and put it on my new phone. Thank you!

Audrey S

Michaels phones are my go to store to get all the latest tech for my personal and work phone. All my cases, wireless chargers and travel accessories, its too easy. Cheers guys!

Bennett M

It is such a relief knowing Michaels Phones exist. I am always breaking something. These guys are the best, they're able to fix almost anything!

Laura F

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